Friday, 14 February 2014

Yet another storm!

As I start writing this I have Flower next tome trying to write out Petal's birthday card, she sits down and try's to read the front of the card she starts reading' to-my-lov-e-ly-sister...lovely? she's spent the day shouting'. When anyone has said anything to Petal about her birthday tomorrow she looked at them and shouts no.. she makes us laugh.

 I turned on the TV this morning and one of the reporter said that its the wettest start to the year in 250 years! Yesterday we had hail stones (Ice-cream according to Petal), thunder and lightening, rain and sun all in the space of half an hour, totally bazaar. The kids were glued to the window fascinated.

When Malcolm came back this afternoon he took the older 2 for a walk to the seafront because the waves were the size of the houses on the front. About an hour later we had police one side of the road and a fire engine at the other side stopping traffic from going down onto the seafront.