Thursday, 13 February 2014

Our 5 a day.

Follow my blog with BloglovinNormally we are a supermarket fruit and veg buying type of family. I usually look for what is on offer and make my selection from there. Thinking about it now don't think I really pay much attention to where the fruit and veg is grown, whether or not it fair-trade or if it is organic my main concern has really been that the sell-by-date lasts long enough for when I calculate it will all be eaten. That doesn't mean that I always calculate it right, last week off the top of my head I'm pretty sure I threw away half a bag of potatoes as well as almost a full bag of carrots because they had started to sprout things that they shouldn't of. So I think it's fair to say that I'm not very savvy when it comes to buying my fruit and veg every week.

One of my biggest mistakes I think is that I don't really write down the veg and fruit I'm going to use for each meals the same way that I write down or at least have a mental list of what meat or fish the family will be having throughout the week. I can see doing that could definitely cut down on wastage.

I've also spent sometime on the computer looking up alternatives to the supermarket there is a local veg and fruit box delivery service offered as well as a small farmers market every Friday in our town, perhaps worth a snoop?