Saturday, 8 February 2014

Our little green family challenge.

It's only 11.03 am here on the 8th February 2014 and so far I've managed to change the toddlers disposable nappy and wiped her bottom with standard wet wipes.I've cleaned the house with the usual chemical products that I normally do. We've also cleaned our teeth from a well known normal toothpaste brand and given the girls non-organic fruit for breakfast-sprayed with well I'm not sure what?

It's Saturday morning and for a Saturday this morning is all pretty normal for us. But, I have to be honest and say I don't like all the chemicals I'm exposing our little family to every single day in our home.

So, It leaves me thinking is there an alternative?

Well, I know that there is, I only  have to look in the health shops in our town, one a locally owned business and the other a national chain store to find an alternative to all that I have listed above but  with that luxury carries a rather expensive price tag and we are a young family with a low income trying to save every penny that we can.

I'm doubting the viability of being a green family due to our home?

You see I look at green living as an ideal and to me where I am at now that ideal really can only be met by either those who able to afford dearer products and food or those who have the space to live off their land. We live in a 3-bed mid-terrace property with a court yard that is only capable of holding a wheelie-bin and Malcolm and the kids bikes. I would loved to be proved wrong o however, I must admit I'm skeptical.

So to the challenge...

It's simple to teach myself how to get our family as green and as healthy  as possible spending no more money than we spend now.

Wish me luck.